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is a Philadelphia-born theater artist who has worked as a performer, director, choreographer, teacher, facilitator, producer, and community member since 2010.

In addition to her artistic work, she serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors at Theatre Philadelphia, a member of environmental justice group Philly Thrive, and book club member of 7 years. 

Here's the word on the street about Rachel:

as Dainty June in Gypsy...


"Martello infuses her Rose with an irascible spirit and a deep well of love for the people in her life, including...her ungrateful favored child, June (the superb Rachel Camp)"

(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Musical highlights of the show include “If Mama Was Married,” in which Dooner and Camp bring their powerful voices, emotional expressiveness, and tuneful harmonies to the unhappy sisters’ wishful duet (it made me wish that Camp – who, earlier in her role as Dainty June, performs high kicks, cartwheels, and full splits choreographed by Jenn Rose – could be on stage longer!)"

(DC Metro Theater Arts)

as Helena/Snug in A Midsummer Night's Dream...


"Camp plays Helena as athletic, self-pitying, and side-splittingly frustrated...In other productions, I sometimes feel a drop in energy when the lovers take over the play around Act 4, but here it’s a high point."

(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Taysha Marie Canales (as Hermia: “Though she be but little, she is fierce”) and the utterly charming Rachel Camp (as Helena) overpower the stage as the rotating victims of affection...a troupe of players in Shakespeare’s knowing comic subplot about thespian self-seriousness and ineptitude.Here Canales, Camp, Close, and Pierce shine again in alternate characters"


as Lily Carol in The Carols...


"The show begins with our narrator, Lily (the excellent Rachel Camp, who can tap dance up a storm)..."

(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Camp reminds the audience of the sentimentality that the holidays bring out and she is ideal as the heartfelt narrator. Camp takes the audience on a journey and Camp's welcoming personality puts the audience at ease."

(Broadway World. com)

as Rhoda in A New Brain...


"Two incredible leading ladies head this production: Rachel Camp as Rhoda, and Susan Riley Stevens who plays Mimi. Camp belts her heart out and particularly stood out with her impeccable comedic timing during the Coma Sequence."

(DC Metro Theater Arts)

as Dawn in Lobby Hero...


"Camp poignantly navigates her position in the boys’ club of the Manhattan police force and all of the sexual politics that come with it."

(DC Metro Theater Arts)


"Rachel Camp, in what will prove to be a breakthrough role...


"Though I've seen Davis, Camp and Meehan many times on local stages, the respective performances of these young actors reveal a tremendous depth and maturity..."

(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

as Baker's Wife in Into the Woods...


"Rachel Camp as the Baker’s Wife, on the other hand, manages to have chemistry with every member of the cast. Camp shines brightly in solo scenes, and the other characters appear at their best when performing with her." (Phindie)


"Rachel Camp (the Baker's Wife), Michael Doherty (Jack), and Liz Filios (Cinderella) deliver endearing, engaging performances ...Camp providing just enough pragmatic innocence to mask hidden desires"

(Philadelphia Inquirer)

as the Fair Maid in The Fair Maid of the West...


    "The plot is outrageously silly:  a chaste barmaid, one Bess Bridges (the superb and saucy Rachel Camp) falls in love..."

(Philadelphia Inquirer)


    " unsinkable ensemble of “lusty lads” and intrepid maids, all spot-on in their rapid-fire timing and exuberant characterizations, delivers humor and heart to the production.  Rachel Camp stars as Bess and perfectly embodies her purity, strength, and overwhelming appeal..."




as Natalie in Next to Normal...


    "But it's Rachel Camp's Natalie who gives the most memorable performance; she projects a forcefulness and vulnerability that give Natalie a lot of warmth."

(Talkin' Broadway)


    "Especially intense...the duet between Diana and her daughter, who sings, "I don't need a life that's normal,/ That's way too far away./ But something next to normal would be OK." ...Rachel Camp made an attractive and appealing Natalie and sang beautifully."

(Broad Street Review)


as Mrs. Jewls in Sideways Stories from Wayside School...


    "Her lead role in the Arden Theater’s production of “Sideways Stories from Wayside School” is a perfect fit. Even when the chalkboard’s on the ceiling and the door’s in the ground, Camp imbues her classroom with a spirited celebration of one of life’s greatest gifts: Learning."

(South Philly Review)

as Kitty in the world premiere of Slip/Shot...


    "Camp’s Kitty is wonderful, hiding her strength behind a cloud of sexy wiggles and cigarette smoke until, dimming with every move Meehan’s beautifully tortured Clem makes, she finally emerges as the grown up, the mother she needs to be."


as Olive in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee...


   "Olive is played touchingly by Rachel Camp, who gets the show's most beautiful song: a heart-wrenching vision of her absent mother expressing her love for her daughter. Camp also reveals impressive dancing ability in this fantasy sequence."

(Broad Street Review)


   "Joining them is the...lovely, lonely Olive (a wistful, beguiling Rachel Camp, who grounds the show with her warmth)..."

(Montgomery News)


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